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Neon SRT4

  • SRT4 Torque Plate

    SRT4 Torque Plate

    Anytime you're boring a block distortion will occur to the cylinders unless you have a honing/torque plate installed as a brace. Ours is CNC machined from 2" thick 6061 billet aluminum. The top and bottom sides are face milled to ensure absolute...

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  • SRT4 Intake Manifold SRT4 Intake Manifold

    SRT4 Intake Manifold

       The JMF SRT4 intake manifold is for the daily driven weekend race warriors who want the best of both worlds, more HP without sacrificing a lot of spool and streetability.  With over 10 years of proven results, our SRT4 intake manifold...

    $793.80 - $817.81
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